EKAI-002 こんな女に抱かれたい 篠田あゆみ

121 min

Ayumi Shinoda who wants to be embraced by such a woman
Want to be played by the woman whom I loved…. The finger-tip which wriggles flexibly without stopping on decent Bijuku appearance and a glamourous body of the 95cmI Cups…The Beautiful Legs which was beautiful, and put on flesh…The tongue which I soaked with a good saliva…Want to be had towards to, `such woman…Ayumi Shinoda who had an element to hark back to and 'abundantly. Discipline of the M man full of the love to play by torture not to run out while healing it by gentle words, and to continue masaguri without overs and shorts by heart torture not to indulge and the body torture that is not too severe, all five parts.