CRC-086 宿泊先の客室案内係がもしかして本人?!ていうくらい元カノにメチャそっくりで、ネームプレートも同姓同名。だけども勇気を出して声をかけられない。一体どうしたらいいんだろう?そうだ、元カノだったら、ホクロの位置で分かる! 篠田あゆみ

150 mins

Is the guest room guide of accommodations by any chance the person? The nameplate is just having exactly the same name for teiukurai ex-girlfriend mecha, too. But show courage and be not called out. On earth what should do? Well, understand it at the position of the mole if it is an ex-girlfriend! Ayumi Shinoda
Why don't she who went together in old days appear in front suddenly? Will there be it with such a chance? But can never meet anymore when miss this; think so; even if is not stood even if untie it, and was refusal raretemo, mistaken identity, do not already close later…Let's do it only naturally afterward.