JUX-899 剃毛再解禁!!服従の緊縛パイパン妻 篠田あゆみ

120 min

*mosaikaikin! Bondage Shaved Pussy wife Ayumi Shinoda of the obedience
A husband running a small small factory in town and a wife, the Ayumi which spends happy days with peace. One day a business stop is approached with with the malfunction of the product by a customer, and will not do it…. Apologize to have you make a deal, but the Ayumi is tied up in Nawa somehow by compensation of the business continuation. Besides, pubic hairs are shaved; and in Shaved Pussy…. The Ayumi which is worthy of Shame torture for a beloved husband while receiving humiliation. However, when a meat dash is questioned on to a soft and smooth pussy….