BDSR-113 全国女子大生図鑑☆愛媛 ひかりちゃん

120 min

National College Girl illustrated book ☆Ehime Hikari
The devilish Variety which AV Actresses introduces the College Girl which is local Muku to under the pretense of an entertainment talent scout contrary to a pop work title. Ehime that it is Mikan that all the staff came this time, and is famous. Hikari of the character that it is shy to have succeeded in a talent scout on the pretext of entertainment world debut in Tokyo, and is a spoilt child as usual. The daughter who this is simplicity such as the Genseki of the Daiya, and is quiet. This is makeover in Beautiful Girl by Migoto charisma make. It is said with one of the pleasant staff kindly at a bar of the launching, and Hikari who finished gravure photography looks and is just done "a take-out"….