SDDE-437 連続絶頂によるアクメ発電 女を拘束しイカせて発電!連続絶頂状態で放置!アクメ発電女

100 mins

Restrict an Akume generation woman by the consecutive top, and can be cool, and generate electricity! Leave you unattended in a consecutive top state! Akume generation woman
The phenomenon that the human body generates electricity when a woman reaches Akume is called Akume generation. Chase the generation woman who be cool continually this time, and becomes the power source of the company. The top consecutive with a machine and male genitals, a large quantity of Squirting! Continue being made to die obstinately many times during Mugen ikaserupu one day when i ttemo is not over how many times, and generation mouth (ma ● ko) haguchogucho overheat is in a state! (overheat)
女性がアクメを迎えると人体が発電する現象をアクメ発電という。今回、連続的にイカされ会社の電力源となっている発電女を追う。マシーンや男性器で連続絶頂、大量潮吹き!何度イっても終わらない、無限イカセループ 一日の中で何度も執拗に逝かされ続けて、、、 発電口(マ●コ)はぐちょぐちょ 過熱状態!(オーバーヒート)