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GTAL-017 女体拷問研究所 BAD SEQUENCE 秘密諜報員の惨劇 篠田あゆみ

145 mins

Tragedy Ayumi Shinoda of the woman's body Torture research institute BAD SEQUENCE secret secret agent
BABY ENTERTAINMENT "woman's body Torture research institute" spin-off work! The Central Intelligence Agency which was organized in strict confidence in crime city TOKYO. While I investigate an angel picture photographing Rape no ● original PPV as an intelligence service special agent, Tomomi Tsukioka playing Shinoda is kept in the Sei crime syndicate "woman's body Torture research institute". Be bound to a pleasure stand, and Big Vibrator simulative blow Hell attacks her! Were made to swallow up the love potion, and the Tomomi which continued being violated in pleasure Taming continued being valid as the instinct took a turn for the resistance idly.
BABY ENTERTAINMENT「女体拷問研究所」スピンオフ作品!犯罪都市TOKYOで極秘に組織された中央情報局。篠田演じる月岡智美は諜報部特別捜査官として、レイプ無●正動画を撮影する天使映像を調査中に、性犯罪組織「女体拷問研究所」に捕らわれてしまう。快楽台に括られ、電マ寸止め地獄が彼女を襲う!媚薬を飲まされ、快楽調教に犯され続ける智美は、抵抗も虚しく、本能の赴くままにイキ続けるのだった。