HUNT-745 数年前に会社をリストラされて以来、専業主夫になったワタシは非常に肩身の狭い思いをしております。そんなワタクシの唯一の楽しみは息子(母親似の超イケメン)に[強力眠剤入り紅茶]。息子が連れて来たカワイイ彼女、セフレ等には[三分でヤリマンになる媚薬入り紅茶]

242 min

I who became a househusband feel small very much since a company was dismissed several years ago. The only pleasure of such me to a son (super good-looking man of boshinni) [tea with strong sleep agent]. In lovely her, sefure which a son brought [tea with love potion becoming a spear man in three minutes]
Get laid off; I of jobless no use father. The son who Makoto is good-looking with me adversely, and is very popular. Besides, all the Girls which a son brings in a house is super pretty! Because I cannot permit it, such an absurd reality has the son lets you sleep with medicine and serves Girls a love potion, and doero do it for a parent. It is only hard for that an effect is too great as for this love potion and is demanded after discharge many times….