SNIS-285 専属NO.1 STYLE 伊東紅エスワンデビュー

240 mins

Senzoku NO.1 STYLE Ito deep red S1 debut
The first Ito rouge S1 transfer work. The Eros which oozes out from the Characters which is Tenshinramman without the right side and the wrong side, the courage that I cultivated on the stage and a performance power and a whole body…The stage which chose as more '' depicters who wanted to flap because the rouge which smoked made step-up 'S1'. All 8 corners that I prepared for to have you reveal all the feelings that you found unmanageable not to mention prominent Eros kill. Be for lengthiness of a reel of film or tape, and send it to have you feel her charm to be that there few it.