EKDV-391 葵こはると同棲しませんか?

116 min

Do not cohabit with Aoi Koharu?
"Dig it, and dig it"? Is there ryo darling Koko? Monopolize short cut Beautiful Girl 'Aoi Koharu'! !Dreamlike cohabitation life begins now! !The Koharu of the university student is studying for a comic artist day and night. Observe my morning shower, and will have Pants one order, and make a sketch and…But the days when * becoming the Sex is bright after all and is fun are complete changes by confession "to want to study abroad" of the Koharu. As expected our relations…. POV picture Maine where Koharu speaks to in a camera glance! !Cohabitation life with Koharu…Please fully enjoy it by a lover feeling.