MAMA-356 熟キャバ 童貞卒業

142 min

Juku hippopotamus Cherry Boy graduation
New Series comes up in popular Variety 'writing brush lowering' of the Crystal Eizou! !The Riaru Documentary which is developed on the stage of Mature Woman cabaret club! !The name of the So is Juku hippopotamus Cherry Boy graduation, too! !Be gentle, and a writing brush takes down an Amateur man of the General which a popular Juku actress appearing in an AV work much applied for! !From self-appeal thyme of the Cherry Boy and others to the SEX lecture that a Puro actor teaches. The Cherry Boy and others is a zen in genuine SEX developed in front! !And public performance SEX with Juku actresses starts at last! !Be excited at the eroticism technique that a body and the Mature Woman of the Shino woman were all sticky for the first time very much while being tense! !
クリスタル映像の人気企画‘筆おろし’に新たなシリーズが登場!!熟女キャバクラを舞台に繰り広げられるリアルドキュメント!!その名も熟キャバ 童貞卒業!!AV作品に数多く出演している人気熟女優が応募してきた一般の素人男性を優しく筆おろし!!童貞くんたちの自己アピールタイムからプロ男優が教えるSEX講座へ。目の前で繰り広げられるホンモノのSEXに童貞くんたちはア然!!そして遂に熟女優たちとの本番SEXがスタート!!初めて尽くしの女性のカラダと熟女のねっとりとしたエロテクに緊張しつつも大興奮!!