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AUKG-185 レズ風俗にハマる女たち 〜Lesbian Girls Club〜

120 mins

Women - Lesbian Girls Club ... falling into Lesbian manners and customs
Only a woman understands the best Ekusutashii of the woman! Women who I fail in the body in the manners and customs for exclusive use of the woman for women of the ladies' man, and buy it for a woman with loved women for toshi, days. The lust Omnibus of women who I exposed the propensity of own which I hid from the world, and I was frantic, and left the body to greed! ※Completely take it; a lowering work
女の最高のエクスタシーは女にしか判らない!女好きの女の為の女専用風俗に身を堕とし、日々女に愛される女達と買う女達。世間に隠した自身の性癖を晒し、無我夢中に欲望に身をまかせた女達の愛欲オムニバス! ※完全撮り下ろし作品