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SABA-049 就職活動 香川の女子大学生 〜32社も面接に落ち続ける彼女は、黙って面接官の言葉を受け入れる〜

120 mins

... which the girlfriend who continues losing female college student - 32 for an interview of job hunting Kagawa falls silent, and accepts the words of the interview official
Be looking for a job in juniors in Tokyo. She who gets impatient a little because I do not yet get an informal decision. In the thing that is good in there not being the back an interview official…. Do a formal interview while reading a primary interview, a resume, and gradually hear Puraibeeto, and touch it with a body and…. "Be good?" Even if cannot find a job? In a state doing what wants to do with no word! Though the primary interview passes it; the second interview is the side of Bet of HOTEL…. Almost get an informal decision; and the first work is cleaning Blowjob!