HUNT-590 夏とはまったく無縁(モテない男子校生&リストラサラリーマン)の僕達が自分を変えたくて海の家でアルバイト。そこは右を見ても左を見てもビキニ美女の従業員ばかりで、不慣れな僕は思わず勃起!

240 min

Totally unrelated (the boys' school Nama & restructuring office worker who is not popular) we want to change oneself, and work part-time in the summer in a seaside cottage. Even if there watches Hidari to see the right, only in the employees of the bikini beautiful woman, I who am inexperienced erect unintentionally!
Features not to do suddenly, poor figure & Fair-Skinned Girl. I who do not look good with such summer at all work part-time after making a firm resolution in a seaside cottage! However, the seaside cottage of the So was only the saleswoman who was super Sexy…. However, watch such environmental cause, me who work hard at work consecutively of the strain, and saleswomen of being bored are interested in me who am quiet for a flirt. Emergency; is popular; kitorai!