JUX-675 真夏の兄弟の嫁 帰郷汗だくスワッピング 秋山静香 水野淑恵

118 min

Bride return sweaty swapping Shizuka Akiyama Yoshie Mizuno of the Brother of the midsummer
Kazuya of the eldest son, Taro and the second son who returned home in the parents' house. A wife, the Shizuka of wife, Yoshie and Kazuya of Taro gathered, too, and the parents' house became lively after a long absence. The Shizuka which talked about Kazuya who did not get a main occupation with Taro was attracted by Taro. On the other hand, Kazuya sent goodwill to Yoshie who watched it kindly. Such a Brother could not have good relation, and had greed towards each other's brides. Kazuya hides, and covet Yoshie, and is Taro dense; Shizuka?…. However, the confidence under the one roof is found in both immediately and….