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ARM-343 憎いほど男殺し【番外編】私たちが責めたいアロマ企画に応募した素人くん!

120 mins

The Amateur which applied for the Aroma Planning which siren [extra] we wanted to blame so as to be hateful!
Maekawa Riku which brightens eyes while being excited to see the profile of approximately 100 Amateur actors who applied for Aroma, gain young Erika. Blame by one in turn, and give six Amateur which is feeling jirukunnadonado, Binkan skin by phimosis, Cherry Boy, a feather touch, and outrun you consecutively, and play!
アロマに応募してきた素人男優 約100名のプロフィールを見てワクワクしながら目を輝かす前川りくちゃん・益若エリカちゃん。包茎くん、童貞くん、フェザータッチで感じるくんなどなど、敏感肌な素人くん6人を1人づつ順番に責め上げ、連続抜き勝負!