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AVOP-151 顔出し!女子大生限定 マジックミラー号 徹底調査!友達同士2人っきりで初めての混浴温泉◆人生初の真正中出し編!リアル素人大学生が日本一エロ〜い車MM号の中で究極の過激ミッションに挑戦! in 池袋

240 mins

Show face! A College Girl-limited magic mirror thorough investigation! Two friends kkiride first mixed bathing hot spring ◆ Jinsei first genuine Creampie! There is best eroticism ... in Japan, and a Riaru Amateur university student challenges a radical mission of the Kyuukyoku in car MM! in Ikebukuro
Magic mirror which conquered middle weight in AV OPEN2014 participates in the war this year! In "a friend mixed bathing hot spring" of the extreme popularity Variety with Nan! Add a radical mission of the genuine Creampie, and send it! !Because it is a friend, there is no physical relations so far! Only after a mixed bathing hot spring and Namahame and the Namachuu soup stock are created, too! Do university students of such man and woman go over the intravaginal ejaculatory wall across a wall called the friendship?…! ? Please expect SEX which is vivid Riaru between the Amateur! !
AV OPEN2014でミドル級を制覇したマジックミラー号が今年も参戦!大人気企画の「友達同士で混浴温泉編」に、なんと!真正中出しの過激ミッションをプラスしてお届けします!!友達だから身体の関係は今まで皆無!混浴温泉と生ハメと生中出しも生まれて初めて!そんな男女の大学生たちは、友情という壁を越えて膣内射精の壁も越えてしまうのか…!?素人同士の生々しいリアルなSEXをご期待ください!!