NNPJ-099 世界の美少女発掘シマス。Vol.03アジアン 真面目で努力家なアジアンスター候補生 スラリ美脚でお尻のちっちゃなアジアン少女ジュリちゃん18歳

160 mins

World Beautiful Girl excavation shimasu. Be small Asian girl Juri 18 years old of buttocks in the Asian Sutaa cadet slurry Beautiful Legs which is a hard worker with Vol.03 horse mackerel Ann straightness
Great popularity! The "world beautiful woman Series third who is in Japan!" Have got the Asian girl who aimed at the Idol this time. She who lives from 9 years old in Japan goes to the Dance school while working part-time. Looks of the Idol grade, pure white skin, the hand and the leg long nimbly…. This is a feeling of the record-high level.