EKDV-332 アニコス★H 板野有紀

120 mins

Older brother Koss ★ H Yuki Itano
The pure and innocent group 'paipan' Beautiful Girl 'Yuki Itano' that a double tooth peeps out on lips when laugh wears Costume of the Anime in the body of the So, and it finishes being; Sex! !The silver hair girl who came over from the space to save lovesick earth boy, the girl soldier who were tired from war, TSUNDERE she who play with a desire stick with the foot which lengthened nimbly, daydream of the pretty Priestess with the magical power…Challenge the character of above four very much. By the way, in Sex, be sometimes absorbed in older brother Koss Sex refreshingly splendidly smilingly. Prettiness of Yuki adds to brightness in Sara in older brother Koss! !Don't miss it.