CETD-227 女捜査官拷問調教6 失神初ハードSM〜バスジャック事件拉致監禁高圧電流懲罰媚薬中出し洗脳凌辱セックス 本田莉子

164 mins

6 Female Detective Torture Taming Shisshin first hardware BDSM - bus hijacking case abduction Confinement high-voltage current punishment love potion Creampie brainwashing Torture & Rape Sex Riko Honda
The special Sennyuu enforcement group which was established newly in Japan of the Irai that vicious terrorism was rampant. A bus hijacking case is provoked in the beginning by the terrorist organization, and abduct you with refusal, and Riko Honda who is an Eesu investigator of the So is imprisoned. Restrict hands and feet, and tie a body to a chair, and men who became irritated with a figure of Riko who does not change intention torture the body by a whip and the supervoltage electric current. The Creampie Torture & Rape Sex which it is constant and continues violating in the Sei Slave Taming which I inject a love potion disregarding Riko who it calls, and cries, and rules over the highest body by force.