IFDVE-003 非AV系一転!ま○こから溢れるほど中出し!45発!あのスキャンダルで芸能界を引退した女優 綾瀬京香20歳 高身長170センチ!心機一転再デビュー!

150 mins

A turn pro-non-AV! ma ○ kokara overflows; Creampie! 45! Actress Ayase Kyouka 20 years old high 170 centimeters tall that retired itself from the entertainment world in Sukyandaru of the A! A mental revolution re-debut!
Young person Idol actress, Ayase Kyouka. The Sexy image that I faced for entertainment world return from Sukyandaru for half a year was AV photography! The actress Tamashii which shakes in pride and interval of the return. Ayase persuaded you into oneself by playing AV Actresses, but were devoted to Namachuu soup stock SEX which even ordinary AV Actresses did not do, and the color of the performance disappeared from the expression of Ayase that repeated the top gradually!