OKSN-217 「セックスは激しいだけじゃダメなのよ」 ピストンしまくる息子に優しく教える母 篠田あゆみ

120 min

Mother Ayumi Shinoda that piston Shima is kind to a coming son and tell "the Sex being intense, and being no use"
The Ayumi which I lost a husband early, and raised Koji of the only son with one woman. Lived life that a small pattern is happy, but a state of Koji who greeted puberty is slightly funny. Be thinking that what was not wrong, and notice a wet dream sign of the underwear. The Ayumi which decided that I told the knowledge of right Sei for a dear son began an initial lesson of the Sex in the teaching materials in oneself. However, be floating ka be ruyoninatte with the expression of the ecstasy to the high-speed piston of the son gradually….