HUNT-842 一週間限定! 超カワイイ姪っ子6人と夢の同居生活!40手前にして彼女なし、未だ実家暮らし当然女っ気の無い地味な生活をしている私のもとに、離婚した姉が実家に帰ってきた!しかも、娘を6人連れて!! 自分より一回り以上年齢が違う娘たちに翻弄される毎日!

240 min

One week limitation! The living together life of six super pretty niece kids and dream! Did it before 40 moves, and she NA, the Elderly Sister which the parents' house still lived, and naturally were divorced to me who lived quiet life that there was not of the sensing a woman came back to the parents' house! Besides, be with six daughters! ! Every day that is tossed about to daughters different in age more than all taking its turn than oneself!
Divorced Elderly Sister took six daughters in the parents' house, and came home. That six remote young daughters of the year live together with me of the old bird more than all taking its turn…. In the first place a crotch reacts to me that a woman does not have the immunity just to watch Girls walking about with light clothes in a house. My reason collapses to the niece kid who is amused by a reaction of such me, and picks radical temptation with Sara; at last….