IPZ-581 怪盗精子キャット~陰謀の追跡者~ 希美まゆ

159 min

Tsuisekisha - Nozomi Mayu of the phantom thief sperm Kyatto - plot
"The Mayu" which pursues a mystery of the Elderly Sister which became missing two years ago. It is a very small amount of sperm of the man to have been left in the spot where the Elderly Sister disappeared…"The Mayu" that it becomes "phantom thief Kyatto" in order to sweep away the Yami of the sexual crime in order to think that I can find out a criminal, Kuromaku if "a sperm" left for the spot of the So which is the only clue and a man to be equal to are found, and to take in the "sperm." The target only as for sex offenders! Sweep away a sexual crime to thrive in the world!