JUX-022 女教師アナル凌辱 〜羞恥に打ち震える尻姦修学旅行〜 艶堂しほり

120 mins

Buttocks school excursion - En temple Shihori to rape which trembles with Female Teacher Anal Torture & Rape - Shame
The Female Teacher, the Shihori left leading of the school excursion to was troubled in a destination by poor conduct of son, Okumura of the chief director. Without it having possibilities to be said that a cause of the So is own and Adultery of the chief director, and the Shihori being able to strongly appear…. It was attacked suddenly in the evening in a bathroom by Okumura! Besides, the Shiriana which has been trained by the chief director is violated without mercy. However, could not be over with that alone, and the brought Shihori tasted further tragedy there to the room of students.