MDTM-049 幼馴染…あいり。憧れの女の子を催眠・洗脳して雌奴隷にする方法。 なつめ愛莉

123 min

Childhood friend…Airi. A method that Hypnotism & Brainwashing does longed-for Girls and makes female Slave. Jujube ai*
"Let's marry if I become an adult"…The childhood friend whom deleterious effects of the war promised. But the Airi walked with the other man hand in hand when I became an adult. One day the site that I found accidentally. "Think, but can control another person remaining it of oneself"…Therefore I who mastered how to hang hypnotism with the manual which I obtained decided the Koto which finally did a woman of the A in Hypnotism Slave.