JUX-435 縛られた人妻 ~服従の露出緊縛~ 篠田あゆみ

118 min

Exposure Bondage - Ayumi Shinoda of Married Woman - obedience tied up
Marry a husband; and three years. As for the Ayumi, the Office Lady Jidai before getting married went to the workplace the wife who went to the dispatch company with a bus by bus. It was an opportunity that I had you help the Dating with the husband when you encountered Molester in a bus at the time of the commuting. The Ayumi which time goes by, and encounters Molester again in the present age. Were caught with Molester as Ayumi three years ago, and were the reverse grudges of the criminal who lost a job. The criminal whom I say revenge put handcuffs on and begin to restrict in a hemp rope tightly. However, a certain Mami was hidden for this case….