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KK-271 復刻セレクション Wパック 淫謀&裏切 黛ミキ

120 mins

Reprint selection W pack In plot & betrayal Mayuzumi Miki
Be appearances in superstar, Mayuzumi Miki W pack of the AV world which broke through as group of debut, a favorite of the Posuto meal ○ Ai in 1992 at last! !The catch phrase is former Model. Had ideal Bust with a beautiful woman of the orthodox school, and became the Saki cliff of the keyword of Bi Big Tits and the Slender Big Tits. The short cut that was rare for those days to miss it was popular. Give it showy Cowgirl, two copies of Torture & Rape products that it may be said with the masterpiece from her work that there are many fans who it features intense deep kiss and fellatio, and are deep-rooted, In plot & betrayal, and do the content! A figure awakened to Horny Sei is still the Eros which does not change.
1992年デビュー組、ポスト飯○愛の本命としてブレイクしたAV界のスーパースター、黛ミキ Wパックで遂に登場!!キャッチフレーズは元モデル。正統派の美形と理想的なバストを持ち、美巨乳やスレンダー巨乳のキーワードのさきがけとなりました。それに当時としては珍しいショートカットも人気でした。内容も、派手な騎乗位、激しいディープキスやフェラチオが特徴で根強いファンも多い彼女の作品の中から代表作ともいえる凌辱2部作、淫謀&裏切をお贈りします!淫乱性に目覚める姿は今も変わらぬエロスです。