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RCT-681 屈辱と恥辱のウエディングドレス 奴隷花嫁 椎名ゆな

150 mins

Wedding dress Slave bride Shiina Yuna of humiliation and the Chijoku
Be hell from heaven…Revolution AV Drama to describe the top of the happiness and a drop of the bottom of the misfortune in! Be made to hold a humiliating wedding ceremony so as to become a Slave bride for the debt return of parents, and to want to die! Be restricted in a collar, handcuffs, and read the letter of the thanks that are full of wailing, Dirty Talk aloud in front of parents in virgin road! The snow-white in bridal dress that is more shameful than Totally Naked…A wedding reception of Shame and the humiliation is open Utage!