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SORA-005 人妻オマ●コ不倫露出紀行 かおり(仮名)28歳

145 mins

Married Woman Omar ● co-Adultery Exposure book of travel Kaori (kana) 28 years old
Kaori (kana) 28 years old. Be newly-married couples living in Setagaya-ku. After women's college graduation, find a job in the major cramming school, and still work as a lecturer. For the master is satisfied, and it is said that feel uneasiness in the Koto which the freedom of the woman is robbed of by a system called the marriage. It is said, the reason that applied for an Adultery trip this time "thought that I will regret it in the future if I live as the same housewife". "Do not want to go to a luxury hotel and the hot spring". Anyway, wanted to do an indecent, stimulating trip. 」