SCOP-217 童貞のふりをして、モテたいという理由で個人水泳教室に参加。突然先生に勃起したチ●コを見せつけたら、僕が童貞なことに同情したのか、先生自ら僕のチ●コを握りしめてきた。泳ぎ方以外にSEXの仕方までしっかり教えてくれました!!

138 min

Pretend to be the Cherry Boy, and participate in a Kojin swimming lesson for the reason of wanting to be popular. Grasped chi ● coo of teacher oneself me whether I sympathized with the Koto which was Cherry Boy when I showed off chi ● co-o which erected to a teacher suddenly. Tell me to a way of SEX other than swimming well! !
Is popular with women; Thailand! !Pretend to be the tto Cherry Boy, and participate in a Kojin swimming lesson. Thing or teacher oneself who sympathized with the Koto that I was Cherry Boy in emergency development when erected chi ● co-o on purpose as if was totally excited during the instruction of the teacher "raise it so much". Be dosurunoka? ? tto was gentle, and my chi ● co-ni touched it! !As much as pretend to understand nothing taking the opportunity, and want to behave like a baby to a teacher! !Had you teach a way of SEX than swimming kindly! !