DANDY-357 「ロサンゼルスで生姦ソープを開業したら日本好きな金髪娘が面接にヤってきた」 VOL.1

237 min

VOL.1 which "the Japanese Blond Hair daughter who liked it killed for an interview when I opened a Nama soap to rape in Los Angeles"
Rub chi ○ po with a route bus of LA to buttocks of the Blond Hair Schoolgirl, and be going to set a trap of the reckoning, but be hit by a trouble, and stop it. However, it is the DANDY staff not to be discouraged there. Take the appointment to the person who is going to open the soap which targeted a Japanese man locally, and change Variety in a hurry. And it is a Blond Hair daughter of the Japanese enthusiast to have come for an interview. Show part of actual situation of a class and the waiting on customers given them all the time!