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JUX-104 中年男が群がる母乳未亡人 吉澤留美

120 mins

Breast Milk Widow Rumi Yoshizawa whom middle Toshio gathers around
The husband who I dropped out of a company, and began work of the dairy farming that was a dream. The Rumi which stay in Tokyo, and would live a life alone waits for the communication of the husband impatiently until there is work on the orbit; wabi biteita. However, it was news of "the death of the husband" in a few minutes that communication came. Chuunen workers of the dairy farmer who is the co-worker of the husband do it to the cause of the Rumi to be amazed at…. A female cow suffered from an epidemic, and, in the ranch, a crisis of the closedown approached. It was a body and Breast Milk of lonely Rumi that the Shachou of an at a loss ranch had its eyes….