GAR-308 第1回ギャルソンAV企画グランプリノミネート作品 ギャルの身体を手に入れた特別編 いつも僕をいじめるヤンキーの弟が突然、巨乳美少女に変身してしまった!兄弟ふたり部屋で寝泊まりしているうちに童貞の僕はついつい欲情してしまい……。

139 min

Younger brothers of a Yankee tormenting me always transform myself into Big Tits Beautiful Girl suddenly *betsuhen which obtained a body of the first young man AV Variety Grand Prix nomination work Gal; and Shimatta While I stay in a Brother two room, I of the Cherry Boy make Tsuitsui passion, and will not do it…….
The younger brother of the do Yankee becomes a woman under the influence of a mystery virus; and Shimatta Besides, be Big Tits in Beautiful Girl! !An irregularity keeps on steaming it for me (older brother) who spend every day in two room. Have begun to change into a woman to Kokoro when I had you do Handjob in exchange for pocket money? With the partner whom a younger brother chose through Masturbation, Ryoujoku 3P by senior Yankees, Lesbian Play with she (♀)! ?