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BBAN-035 名店真正泡姫女同性戀特別服務~ 神ユキ

230 min

The Lesbian massage parlor Jin Yuki which is of the possible celebrity shop genuine lesbian bubble Hime of the line
A Lesbian massage parlor "Yuri family" female oriented to the people in the know. And there is number one "genuine lesbian bubble Hime" not to get a reservation in that to the point for several months. Her name is "Jin Yuki" jo. Led many women to the world of the Rezubian by a rare body of the So and the technique of the highest grade. And two women come to the store to Miss Yuki today…. Please thoroughly enjoy the world of a Lesbian soap charming you with a good full-course meal by all means! !
行列のできる有名店 真正ビアン泡姫のいるレズソープランド 神ユキ