SNIS-201 下着モデルをさせられて… 吉沢明歩

180 min

Be made to do underwear Model… Yoshizawa Akiho
Underwear Studios "No '1 Style Company" which I hire Model of the Puro in the case of the latest announcement every year and publicize on a large scale. Receive the blast of the bad times in this term, and directors of the company make an epoch-making decision by a board meeting. The capability Office Lady which I am asked the loyalty, and compensation of the apology is required from a subordinate by the boss and is made to make the underwear Model of our product by the reason of cost reduction from the company! The new Series first time is lengthiness of a reel of film or tape collecting!
下着モデルをさせられて… 吉沢明歩
毎年新作発表の際には、プロのモデルを雇って大々的に宣伝を行う下着メーカー「No’1 Style Company」。今期は不景気の煽りを受け会社の重役たちは役員会議で画期的な決断をする。上司から忠誠心を問われ、部下からは謝罪の代償を要求され、会社からは経費削減を理由に自社製品の下着モデルにさせられる敏腕OL!新シリーズ初回は長尺収録!