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VAGU-120 麗しのマネキン夫人〜人形に恋した男の妄想セックス〜 都盛星空

86 min

Height of Daydream Sex - capital Soara of the man who was in love with a beautiful mannequin wife - doll
Yoshino who works as product development charge of the major apparel maker. Mainichi which I get over the wave of the deflation, and the achievements are soaring, and the work is forced to the pressure, and does not hesitate to conduct the vigil either. One day blow up Daydream in the beauty of a mannequin helping put on the clothes which oneself designed, and Yoshino who is lack of sleep does passion by such overwork. As for the body of the mannequin, Yoshino where the surge of the desire was not held down to for the touch like the human being at all by fatigue appears for the forbidden act….
麗しのマネキン夫人〜人形に恋した男の妄想セックス〜 都盛星空